8-Hour Pre-Detail & Purification

Our Pre detailing and Purification Process

The stringent detailing process begins with an extensive deep cleanse of the entire vehicle to prepare it for paint correction. This starts with a four-hour decontamination safe wash. This involves removing the wheels and using both steam and chemical cleaning processes to remove any contaminants from heavily-soiled areas such as the wheels, arch liners, door shuts, exhaust backbox and tips, brake calipers, and also inside the engine bay. Once completed the vehicle receives a rigorous pre-wash, two-bucket hand safe-wash, and a chemical decontamination before finally a clay bar is used to remove any remaining paintwork contaminants to leave the paint surface as clean as possible to allow the painstaking correction process to begin.

The vehicle is then moved into our detailing studio for a three-hour interior purification, where the entire cabin, including any Alcantara, leather, carpet and cloth materials are treated with a variety of specialist cleaning products and tools – including the use of compressed air to remove small dust particles from switches and steam to de-odourise and sanitise the ventilation system.

The vehicle is then raised on our detailing ramp where particular attention is paid to the wheel arches to ensure they are clean before moving onto the exhaust backbox and tips, which are polished to an exceptional standard.

Finally, if necessary, the brake disc centres are refurbished to as-new condition, while the wheels are inspected for any corrosion or damage, which, if discovered, would be rectified via either powder-coating or diamond cutting to restore the flawless factory finish.

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