Selection & Inspection

Selection & Inspection of our vehicles

Cherrypicked to be the best –  The way we select and acquire the vehicles that make up our stock is a crucial element that forms the very foundation of our business. Unlike other companies, we do not buy from auctions or trade outlets. Instead, we source only the most exquisite privately-owned enthusiast examples that will appeal to the true automotive connoisseur or collector. As we say: ‘a car is only as good as its owner’, so ownership mentality and quality is a crucial aspect in our selection procedure.

Our selection process is scrupulous. Our team of skilled assessors, from our specialist car detailing and dealership in Shropshire, utilise an extensive contacts base, including established relationships with enthusiast clubs and an abundance of both mechanical and paintwork knowledge to locate and secure only the very finest examples on the market. Any vehicle designated for sale must also be complete with the most fastidious servicing and ownership archives. As well as the usual test drive, service history and HPI investigations, we also thoroughly inspect for common model-specific issues, overall mechanical well-being and the cosmetic condition of the vehicle, including the use of a sun gun – a sharp projection of light – and an electronic paint depth gauge to evaluate the history of the paintwork. If any previous filler work or panel replacements are found, this would automatically render them unsuitable for selection.

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